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Cucina Basilico is a family business. What you will find is a friendly staff which will make you feel home.

Danilo and Stefano are the people you can find in the kitchen working to bring you the real Italian taste of our dishes.



Phone:  619-825-3171




Tue- Sun from 4.30 to 8.30 P.M.


Everything started 14 years ago when Danilo and Francesca moved to San Diego from Milano, Italy. Their passion and traditions drove them immediately into restaurant business and their drive and commitment into experience all angles of this hard work. They travelled back and forth for years to extend their experties in cooking and hospitality before finally settle down in this beautiful and growing city.

They partner in a successful Italian restaurant in Pacific Beach for about 7 years and then decided to find a hidden place in need of Italian flavors and "Cucina Basilico" was born. A small humble Italian restaurant in the heart of business district as well as residential.

Stefano, Sara, and little Luca from Italy, joined in on the family adventure with Danilo and Francesca at Cucina Basilico. After only two years, Cucina Basilico proudly opened its second location in La Mesa. . We provide the same menu and same concept: everything genuine, made from scratch

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